Majestically growing on the side of our aquifer is the tree that was our inspiration for naming the farm "Fallen Oak".   The oak tree is our Nation's symbol and our reminder of strength, endurance and roots that hold it all in place.

Our aquifer is approximately 300 feet wide and 80 feet down to the water's surface.  This karst aquifer dates back hundreds if not thousands of years. As you explore the aquifer you'll be reminded of a mini rainforest, with towering banana trees, lush ferns and historic oaks.  The surface of the water is in bloom with duck weed most of the year & the water underneath crystal clear. We've been told that in the past cave divers have explored the connecting underground caves from this site.  Today it's home to a plethora of wild life including bald eagles, red fox and our favorite owl that always has a watchful eye to watch over the aquifer.  It has been photographed by a nationally recognized & award winning wildlife photographer capturing the beauty of this geological marvel.  It's one of our most valued aspects of Fallen Oak Farms & supplies us with some of the purest water in all of Florida.  Those that have visited the site have remarked on the serene and peaceful feeling that it gives. It's certainly unique and most definitely a piece of history that we're both proud of and thankful for. 

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