Chicken Coops


 Chicken Coops aren't just for farms! People are embracing the county life and the benefits that it offers.  Our coops can be found in the backyards of homes in planned communities and even pictured in Hobby Farms "Chickens" magazine. We will work with you to design a coop to compliment your home & space. Our coops can incorporate automatic watering systems, feeders, automatic doors and even solar powered lights.

Did you know that the eggs you buy at the grocery store can be up to 2 months old?  Let us build you a coop so that you can start enjoying the benefits of fresh organic eggs & the enjoyment of having chickens.   



Quality construction

Our coops  are built to last using the strongest materials and hardware.  Their construction is far superior to coops found at feed stores or converted sheds.  One of the most important aspects of your enclosure is protection from predators which is why we build our coops and enclosures with welded wire fencing, predator aprons and heavy duty hardware. Of course we incorporate all of this protection into a design that is also beautiful and functional.

Custom design

From a small coop for a pair of heritage chickens to an "automated" coop for 30 chickens we can design a custom coop to meet your needs. Your new coop will be completely customized inside and out. Whether you want a modest "no frills" design or an architectural marvel, if you can dream it we can make it a reality.

Arched window, flowers box and shutters complete this designer coop.

Arched window, flowers box and shutters complete this designer coop.

Healthy Chickens

There are many aspects to maintaining a healthy flock but with a properly designed enclosure you can provide an environment where your flock will flourish with a minimal amount of effort. We utilize sand in our coop and run because it dries quickly and maintains cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer temperatures in the winter.  We also raise chicks so you can have egg layers even sooner.