Preschool-Elementary Ages

We believe children deserve less stress and more time enjoying nature. At Fallen Oak Farms animals and nature surround our Saplings as they naturally release stress through movement, visualization journeys & mindful breathing techniques. Children will giggle & wiggle as they increase their flexibility, strength, focus and farm knowledge.  Our instructors are certified elementary teachers and trained in Kid's yoga.

Mats provided.

Class sizes are limited.

Contact us for information about our Kid's Gardening Classes & private events! 813-541-1111

Private Tutoring

Incorporating the tranquility of nature & the farm animals allows a child's mind to relax. Optimal learning can be achieved when stress is reduced. Reading with a bunny in their lap or out loud to a goat, suddenly changes the focus away from performing to enjoying.  1 hour sessions can be combined with multiple children.

 M.ED Early childhood education.