Chick Norris

Chick Norris has an interesting story, and here it is. We ordered a small batch of chicks on August 4/2016. We got 6 chicks and they were all different breeds; Americana, Milly Fluer D'uccle, Coco Murrain, Gold laced Wyandot, Gold laced cochin, and Chick Norris a lite brahma bantam. About 4 weeks after we got them my sister Chloe and I let them outside in the grass. While we were talking a big hawk swooped down and took Chick Norris, and as you should know a hawk is the fastest bird. The hawk flew with the chick in its claws. As I sat there in awe my sister Chloe sprung up and chased that hawk. She wasn't about to let that Hawk have her baby. The hawk dropped Chick Norris and flew away. Chloe grabbed her chick and made sure it was ok. He had a few punctures and he was a little bloody but he was all good.  His real name is Oliver but after that incident we had to re name him Chick Norris. And now he protects his girls from the hawk and coc-a-doodle-doos all morning long!