Pregnant Goats!

Yes, you have probably seen baby goats on the internet!  The goats were most likely jumping of things and wearing tiny sweaters. Well good news, you are going to see more adorable videos because our goats Mable and Ollie are PREGNANT!!!!!!! As you can tell I am very excited and it's not because baby goats are the cutest things on earth, well it sort of is, but I am also excited for milk! You can do so much with goat's milk. You can make soap and all sorts of body care products! And not to mention goat cheese! Goat cheese tastes similar to  a mix between butter and sour cream, it's delicious! Oh and speaking of butter, goat butter is the best butter in the world!!!! It's creamy, salty, and just amazing! Our mom loves to put goat butter on our coconut popcorn (coconut pop corn is easy to make. Just substitute your regular cooking oil with coconut oil!)   Click on the link below to see a  video of Ollie & Mable when they were babies!