There's a Chick!!!!

On 4/31/17 I peeked into the nesting box where the broody chicken was. I looked at the egg and there was a hole and for a split second I thought that she cracked it but then I saw a little beak pop out and I was so happy! After I told everyone they came to see it and when I showed them I heard a very loud "PEEP"! It was so amazing! So after we took pictures and videos of it we left it alone. I came back 20 minutes later to see how it was doing and it made amazing progress.  I thought it was going to take a brake for a few hours because it usually takes 16 hours to hatch and it had only been about 30 minutes. I started walking away but then my sister Chloe bumped into me and said she wanted to see it. We walked back, opened the door and saw April (the broody hen) attacking it so we were trying to hold April back and we thought what now?  We thought we can't possibly hold April back for 16 hours but then the chick got a big burst of energy and popped out of the shell! Then April started screaming and attacking it! So while Chloe was holding her back I got a bin with a heat lamp and shavings ready, then we carried it to the bin and put it down. It had so much energy and started crawling around. It usually takes a few hours for the fuzz to dry but not with this chick, it dried off in 15 minutes! Today the adorable little chick is running around peeping. We decided to name it after its dad, and Chick Norris's real name is Oliver so it is either Oliver or Olive. The chick is a Cuckoo Marans but darker and has fuzzy feet like a lite brahma bantam and has a cute face like one too! However, we are not sure what its going to look like when its older! I'll find out and tell you in a week or two whether its a boy or a girl! You can watch the video on our facebook page