A zoo in the garage!

garage chickens word resize.jpg

Anxiously watching the weather channel we saw that hurricane Irma's forecast track changed and we were right in it's path!  We were rushing like everyone else, getting supplies and boarding up the widows. But while my family was thinking of getting the house secure I was thinking of getting my chickens secure! I was worried that the chicken coop and goat house were going to be swept up! I was trying to convince my parents that we should put all of the animals in the house with us but that was a definitely a no. Then our Dad said that we should move the animals in the garage! His idea made more sense once he explained it, " We'll move the trampoline in the garage and put the chickens on top and put fencing around the bottom and put the goats in the bottom" so we did. The day before Irma hit we got everything set up, then the morning of the hurricane we put everyone in. We also had the smaller chickens that couldn't go by the big chickens to shelter, so we put the whole coop in the garage, and the bunnies too! During the storm we had a zoo in our garage! The eye of hurricane Irma passed right over our house but when the storm ended we looked out in the garage and the animals were all ok! The hens even laid eggs on the trampoline. We posted the video on our Face book page and channel 10 news aired it! So thankful that both our animals and our house were ok! We lost a lot of giant oak trees and a tornado even hit in front of our house! Hopefully, that's the last time our garage needs to become a zoo!