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Raised Garden Beds

 Our raised garden beds allow you to experience the joy of gardening while making it easy and beautiful. Our custom designs will accommodate any sized yard. All you need is a place where the sun reaches and you can watch it grow!

4' long x 2' wide x 2' deep Cedar/Galvanized $200

*Custom prices vary




Garden to School Lunch Table

 We're eager to continue our work with local schools.  When introducing children to vegetable & herb gardening you create a lifetime foundation for both healthy living and joyful eating. We believe that food should be both enjoyed and appreciated. There's no better way than planting the seed and watching it grow.

With a background in education and curriculum development we will consult with you to develop a curriculum to enhance the gardening experience. 


A thing of Beauty

A garden is not only a place to grow your own food but it can become a place of peace and tranquility. We can add a seating area, hand crafted outdoor table or water feature to your garden. Whether you grow vegetables, herbs, flowers or a combination of all three, we can make your garden a destination for relaxing or dining.

Growing Family/Kid's Gardens

Working in the garden can be a great shared experience for the whole family. It teaches children valuable lessons that will last them a lifetime. They will also be more likely to eat vegetables that they have grown themselves. Most importantly, you know they are eating the freshest organic food that nature can provide. We build kid's raised gardens for that perfect introduction to gardening!