More than just a piece of land, it's a way of life...


Welcome to the farm & thank you for visiting our website! 

 Whether its caring for our livestock or harvesting vegetables in the garden we knew that the closer our three daughters were to nature, the happier, and healthier they would be.  We're thankful that we have the opportunity to grow, appreciate & share this new way of life together with you and our community.  At Fallen Oak Farms we are always creating, enjoying and dreaming more. 

 Visit our Artisan Projects where you can view the craftsmanship of our past projects we offer that include; raised gardens, designer chicken coops, goat houses, and much more!  We invite you to join us for a gardening event or farm yoga on our picturesque farm and ejoy a bit of the farm life too. 

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Farm Yoga

Reconnect, Relax and Have Fun!

Have you seen what's been trending? "Goat Yoga" CNN, MSN, NYTIMES report that goats have taken Yoga to a new level .  We invite you to try Farm Yoga on our picturesque, boutique farm.  Now booking Private Events.


On-Line Gifts and more

The on-line place to browse to see our newest creations that will add a touch of old world class to your home or a sense of peace to your soul.  All created on our farm. To place your custom order please leave us an email.


Artisan Projects

Old World Custom Creations

Raised cedar garden beds, designer chicken coops and more. All completed with the finest materials and old world craftsmanship.


The Aquifer

The source

A unique feature of our land & the inspiration for our name "Fallen Oak Farms". It's a true Florida treasure!


We're excited to work with local schools to enhance their agriculture programs through building rabbit enclosures, garden beds, chicken coops and more. We're proud that all three of our daughters are FFA members. Thank you to all our great teachers!

Our Livestock

We have registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Holland Lop bunnies, Pekin ducks and a variety of Heritage chickens.

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