Kid's & Nature

Tutoring on the Farm-Gardening Classes-Mindfulness at Schools

   We believe children deserve less stress and more time enjoying nature. At Fallen Oak Farms animals and nature surround our Saplings.  

Our Kid's Gardening classes are planting seeds for a future filled with beautiful blooms. When introducing children to gardening we cultivate a love of nature that nourishes both their bodies & mind. Gardening classes include; pot decorating, getting our hands in the dirt, planting seeds to take home to watch grow, and of course playtime with our dwarf goats & sweet farm animals.

Packages start at $35 a child with a minimum class size.

Mindfulness At Schools

When kids can’t come to the farm we bring Mindfulness to the classroom. Though hands-on activities we teach children how to help manage their daily stress. We currently have over 200 kids at school learning mindfulness practices.

Private Tutoring on the Farm

Incorporating the tranquility of nature & the farm animals allows a child's mind to relax. Optimal learning can be achieved when stress is reduced. Reading with a bunny in their lap or out loud to a goat, suddenly changes the focus away from performing to enjoying. 

Sessions can be combined with multiple children.

M.ED Early Childhood Education  Elementary Education instructor  $50 per session.

Play Therapy on the Farm

We're pleased to collaborate with and welcome Playful Nature Kids Counseling, LLC to Fallen Oak Farms!  Licensed Therapist for Counseling sessions on the farm.